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  • Abstract Ace
    Abstract Ace
    Earn this badge by completing all the Abstract challenges.
    50 points
  • Surrealism Superstar
    Surrealism Superstar
    Earn this badge by completing all the Surrealism challenges!
    50 points
  • Impressionist Idol
    Impressionist Idol
    Once you finish all the Impressionism challenges, this badge is yours.
    50 points
  • Pop Art Pro
    Pop Art Pro
    Get this badge by completing all the Pop Art challenges!
    50 points
  • Oh-So-Likeable
    You'll receive this badge once someone 'likes' you!
    20 points
  • Well-Rounded Wonder
    Well-Rounded Wonder
    Complete a challenge from each week, & earn the Well-Rounded Wonder badge.
    100 points
  • You're Halfway There
    You're Halfway There
    This one's pretty self-explanatory - get it when you're halfway done with all challenges.
    20 points
  • Challenge Conqueror
    Challenge Conqueror
    ALL the challenges & you'll get the Challenge Conqueror badge!
    100 points